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Conscious Bodywork & Life Enhancement Coaching


You might be here because you either met me in person or were referred by someone I know. There’s also the serendipitous chance you found me online. If so, I welcome you! I offer two main services:


Conscious Bodywork &

Personal Life Enhancement Coaching




Look around…


Explore my site. Take some time to read the testimonials. Feel into what it is you are needing right now… Is it stress reduction, pain management or upleveling your self-care? Is it physical or mental relief from anxiety, pain, or trauma? Is it a deeper dive into discovering your “what’s next” for you and your life?



Conscious Bodywork and Coaching

With both of these services in one way or another, I hold space for you and the “flow of life” (your embodied wisdom) to re-establish and reorient itself within you, to help you remember who you really are, to find the courage and the strength and the resiliency to show up. My focus is on deeply listening to “what’s there” behind everything – behind the history, the pain, the tactics of the mind – to assist you in you raising the quality of your life and raising the quality of the questions you’re asking, to help you show up differently that creates a more joyful, balanced, abundant and peaceful life.

It’s my absolute JOY to work with you and meet you where ever you’re at when you’re ready. I look forward to it!