Soulful Coaching & Conscious Bodywork for Transformational Growth and Wellness in Life and Business


You might be here because you either met me in person or were referred by someone I know. There’s also the serendipitous chance you found me online. If so, I welcome you! I offer three main services:


Private coaching, conscious bodywork for highly sensitive people and a new online group coaching course called “Loving Life with Parkinson’s: 8 Weeks to Reclaim Your Wellness




Let’s discover how I can help you…


Explore my site. Take some time to read the testimonials. Feel into what it is you are needing right now. Is it guidance in reconnecting with your inner voice? Is it a deeper dive into discovering what’s next for you and your business? Is it accountability to implement with loving support, the bigger calling you are answering? Or is it simply to be witnessed and held in a space where you can open you heart wider to receive?


So many of us are shut down to knowing what we want. We’ve been moving too fast for too long, answering the call of others, and chasing rewards outside ourselves. We’ve forgotten how to be still, how to listen, how to go within. We’ve lost touch with what makes us truly happy. We’ve lost touch with acting from a place of energetic alignment that feeds our body, mind and spirit (most importantly!).

This disconnection from our happiness, if left unchecked, can lead to physical ailments, diseases and problems over time. It can also extend beyond our physical bodies, to our relationships, work, organizations, and our larger communities. Stress is a major epidemic of our time and the implications of not dealing with it are huge.



Here’s what you need to know about me.

I hold space for the “flow of life” (your embodied wisdom) to re-establish itself, to help you remember who you really are, what you want and your dreams. My focus is on listening to what’s there behind everything, to raise the quality of the questions you’re asking to help you show up differently so that the world miraculously transforms around you.

Only YOU can determine the level of responsibility you are willing to take. I hold space in such a way that creates life-changing results.  Together, we hold your vision, even when you forget, so that you can take steps to bring your dream into reality.


It’s my absolute JOY to assist you, where ever you are on your path when you’re ready and willing to be seen for who you really are ~ to step up ~ stand for what matters ~ be different ~ shine your light in a bigger way.


If you’re curious, let’s see how we can work together. Contact me and we can have a private conversation to see if and how working together would best serve you.

I set aside up to 90 minutes to speak with you. We’ll get to the heart of what it is you want to create ~ giving you an experience of what powerful coaching is like. Not everyone is a good fit for the level of work I do, which is why I send a questionnaire first. Once you submit it and qualify, I’ll reach out to you to schedule your free call. Sound good?

You can reach me at